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Description is a pixel-based multiplayer game with intense graphics. You and your team must eliminate the opposing team in a gunfight in the game. Join as a terrorist or a counter-terrorist. The battle is won by the first team to accumulate 25 kills.To protect yourself from the enemy's fire, crouch behind an object. To shoot, you must first enter scope mode, which has very limited visibility and requires you to stand up (which means your body is exposed and vulnerable to an attack). In some maps, you can pick up a rocket and use it to deal a lot of damage. To ensure victory, assist other team members. Best wishes!

- To move, use the arrow keys or the left/right arrows.
- To move up and down a ladder, use the up and down arrows.
- To use your gun's zoom, right click.
- To shoot and use a rocket, use the left mouse button (by clicking the icon)


Multiplayer .IO