Little Big Snake (.io)

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100% (7/7)
Little Big Snake (.io) is an epic game with awesome graphics and great multiplayer gameplay. This game builds on what made many of the games like great and takes it to a whole new level. This is a game like nothing else. You have to take control of a slithering snake in this game. Your snake starts to be small in size.You have to move your snake around the map and collect the colored orbs scattered on the ground.

Each orb you collect increases the size of your snake - keep moving and try to avoid contact with other snakes. To take out your enemies, you must encircle them and block their path so they slither into your snake body - once you have killed them you can collect their orbs!You can grow to an immense size, but be careful as your snake gets harder to control! Be sure to use your speed burst to try and catch your opponents unaware or keep your distance away.

Little Big Snake also has another type of side game, but it runs in conjunction with the main game. Instead of controlling the Gorgantuan snakes, you can take control of the cute Juja bug that flies in the sky!Fly around the map with your Juja bug and use your left click button to land on the ground to collect orbs - be careful though as your Juju bug travels at a much slower pace when grounded! Try to collect nectar and complete the various challenges set.

As you can see. Io game is just fantastic! Besides the awesome dual gameplay, you can also track the evolution tree of your snake and check your achievements. Jump into this brilliant, fun multiplayer game today and start slithering!

Move your mouse to control the snake or flying beetle movement
Left click to boost speed or make the flying beetle ascend


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