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Description is a high-octane 3-on-3 soccer game in which you control a colored ball that serves as your player. You must move around the soccer field with this ball and try to score a goal. You control your ball with the mouse, and you can increase your speed with the left click button. Keep in mind that this speed boost is limited and that the power bar refills over time.Furthermore, if you need to change direction quickly, the space bar will apply breaks to slow you down.
Work as a team and try to outwit your opponents – keep someone defending the goal at all times while two other players attack and try to score. Following each goal, the ball is reset in the center circle, and you must sprint to get the first kick. Can you reign as soccer champion while also assisting your team to victory?

- Move your mouse to control the movement
- Hold space bar to brake or stand still
- C to view the field
- X to lock camera


Multiplayer .IO