Starve IO

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Description is an online survival game that is multiplayer. You'll need basic necessities like food while fighting off hostile mobs. Make items that can defend yourself and fight against other players and mobs. Explore the different biomes and look for the most effective resources to create the most sought-after items available in the game. Select a server and mode that is suitable for you and you will become's best survivalist! is a game with a lively world that is constantly changing with the seasons and the passing of time. Night turns into day and fall transforms into winter. As the seasons change, so do new challenges: crowds that reflect the climate and shifts in temperature which require different strategies for survival. Earn points to becoming the most famous survivalist of the land by harnessing resources in order to achieve one main goal: Survival at any cost.

For the first step, gather enough materials to build an outdoor campfire. You'll be able to stay warm for a time, but once the night falls, you'll require a FIRE!

Find wood and stones to create pickaxes, weapons, and walls.
Find a place that has water, adequate materials, and a table and set up your base.

Get started farming! Create seeds you can plant and eat
Find diamond and gold resources to enhance your tools!


Multiplayer .IO 2 Player Adventure