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Description is a game in which you must stomp other players in a platform-based arena. Before you begin the game, you can customize your character by selecting from a variety of skins – you can also select your username. When you're ready, enter the arena and begin stomping!
Control your character's movement with your mouse – your character will jump automatically; all you have to do is direct them left or right and jump from platform to platform.You should also try to collect the stars scattered around the platforms, as these will give you a boost and increase the size of your character. To stomp, use your left mouse button – you can only stomp enemies that are smaller than your own character, so be careful! This game has a lot of replay value and is a fun way to compete against other players all over the world, so get stomping!

- Move your mouse or use left/right arrow to change direction
- Left click or space bar to do instant stomp


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