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Sworm.io is an upgraded version of the popular multiplayer title of Slither.io. You can play with a wider range of features and upgrades in this HD version. The basic gameplay remains the same – you start with a little worm and you have to eat the various minerals scattered on the ground to grow in size and strength.Besides the standard minerals, you can also find power-ups that can greatly improve your survival and attack power.

You have to work hard to grow your worm but avoid taking damage from other players – if you're cut off by another player, you can lose a large portion of your worm and have to start from scratch again. Use the left-click button to speed up your worm and use it to your advantage to escape from other players or move on to kill them! Can you conquer the arena of Sworm?

Move your mouse to control the worm's movement
Left click or W to use a speed boost
Right click or space bar to cut


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